terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Mr. Skull

It starts like this:

In a long, long time, yet to come
when your children's grandsons own children
will be nothing more than specks of dust
drifting in the wings of light,
there will be [Skull].

Now, [Skull] will be much like you and me.
He'll live his life and toil from day-to-day,
much as we do.
The difference between us is that
[Skull] has no body.

No... no, no body as in not having someone to be with him,
like your mother or father do with you.
Those, he had more than he could wish for.
For [Skull] had many of both.
I mean no body as in just a head.
A skull; hence his name.


And when market-day was over and done with,
he would return home.
And by the way he would give hat and dress,
hair and limbs, eyes and tongue,
teeth and toes back to their rightful owners.
And everything was right again.
And everyone was happy again.
And [Skull] went about his business.

(aprés Tutuola)